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BRIDGE SAW with motorized advancement – ITC 3000 AAS-T


Bridge saw ITC 3000 AAS-T with motorized advancement of the cutting head (with inverter for regulation of advancement speed). Toothed belt transmission.
The single beam system, constituted by structural square aluminium profile, makes this saw very tough and precise. 4 detachable legs equipped with adjustable feet. Devised and designed for marble workshop and big stone industries.
Perfect for cutting natural stone, marble, granite, Grès porcelain stoneware, etc. Inclination of the bridge from 90° to 45° by means of a handwheel placed in the right side of the machine base.
The cutting head, both at 90° and 45°, is perfectly in line with the middle of the machine; this feature allows to have a big surface for leaning slabs.
Adjustment of cutting depth is by means of a flywheel above the motor unit.
The work surface, in multilayer marine plywood (phenolic), ensures stability, resistance to bending, resistance to water and damp. Equipped with a cooling system for the cutting disc: a pump for the circulation of water, positioned within the collection tank, allows water to flow onto the disc for cooling.
The self-supporting tank, in sheet metal, has an extra support frame and it’s completely welded to structural reinforcements that guarantee maximum resistance to torsion/bending.
Its emptying is made by opening the draining cap.
The tank has some hooks for using 8 side roller tables, 4 front and 4 rear, which aim is to facilitate the slabs movement and giving greater stability to the machinery.
Each side roller table has 4 legs with adjustable feet.
ACCESSORIES SUPPLIED: electrical switchboard, 3 extension side roller tables 150×50 cm, instruction manual, lateral fence, precision laser, set of wrenches, side stop.
OPTIONALS: diamond blades, goniometer fence, motor for adjustment of cutting depth, speed reducer for the cutting motor, supplementary side table with rollers 100×50 cm / 150×50 cm / 200×50 cm. Grinding wheels for half-bullnose edge




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