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Cutting machines build in steel and aluminum with tilting head 45°& chop saws suitable to cut marble & granite, ceramic tiles, bricks, all kind of building materials, cement mixers with small cabin and big cabin electric motor inside, diesel engine cement mixers, bench saw for wood, floor saws, plate compactors, block cutter with drive belt and direct transmission with tilting head 45°, bar bending & cutting machines with interchangeable blades. In this field you will find all our products for building site you need. Each machine is equipped with technical specifications and all usage information, accessories included and appropriate optional accessories.

One of the best machine in the market studied for construction sites and marble field, ideal for cutting any kind of material such as marble, granite, ceramic tiles, refractory stone, building materials. Available in different sizes ( 800 -1000-1200-1500-2000 )

stone bench saw – itc

Excellent machine build in aluminum, thanks to its lightness and versatility can be handled by one person only, having also the great advantage of not doing rust over the time. Available in different sizes ( 800-100-1200-1500 )

stone bench saw – itc al (aluminium)

Important equipment for construction sites and for renovations. Available in 150 Liters, 200 Liters, 250 Liters, 300 Liters, 350 Liters, 500 Liters.

cement mixer elephant